Ludovic Perrin - Photo

Ouverture du portfolio du photographe: Ludovic Perrin !
Au programme: Voyages (Afrique, Russie, France...), Galerie de portraits, et une serie d'Autoportraits très bien pensés :)
+ d'infos: ludovicperrin.com


At 30/11/06 20:53, Anonymous Anonyme said...

Superbe site.
Chaque photo raconte une histoire elle seule.
C est emouvant.
J adore.

At 30/11/06 21:05, Anonymous Anonyme said...

I really enjoyed thoses pictures.
They are so much expressive in their own way, each of them is a part of an experience and each of them is telling its own story. Apart from that they are so much honest, modern and cool.


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